Cleveland Heights, Ohio

A troubled backyard space brought greensource llc to Cleveland heights to design and build something extraordinary
for an expecting new couple. An old pipe and non-tempered glass attached greenhouse would pose many dangers
and restrictions for outdoor use and entertainment. The greenhouse, Functional and elegant in its’ former life, was
now falling apart and restricting the true potential for this backyard. The job scope began with our careful and
tedious disassembly of the existing 500 square foot greenhouse. All of the glass, iron, steel and aggregates were
salvaged and or recycled to eliminate the need for dumping in a landfill. Once the greenhouse was safely removed
we began the process of adding multiple terraces of unique usable space required by the homeowner. Full color
range bluestone, unilock pavers and boulder outcropping would create the hardscapes elements of the new patio and
terrace. A small water feature was added to drowned out the sound from passing traffic and soapstone counters were
placed for caps and additional serving and counter space. The overall project and transformation took approximately
one month, a small amount of time to sacrifice for added value to their home. This project was so well accepted that
we now work with many of the clients’ family members and friends for their landscape design and build projects.

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011