Orange Village, Ohio

Contracted for a new residential estate design/build encompassing approximately 2 acres of suburban outdoor living.
Approximately 360 ton of stone and ledge rock, more than 20 pallets of hand chiseled briar hill sandstone, two
major water features, outdoor kitchen, custom cedar pergola, council ring, state of the art low voltage and LED
lighting and enough plant material to begin a nursery. Five months of grueling and stressful work led to this master
landscape project that our clients will enjoy for a very long time. One of the unique aspects of this project is that the
homeowner contracted one other landscape firm to come up with concepts and budgets for this project and chose
greensource llc due to our highly creative, environmentally friendly practices and superior reference and
communication qualities. It has been over three years since the installation of this project, we have lost less than 1
percent of plant material and have had no problems, repairs or adjustments to any of the elements that we originally
installed. Greensource manages and performs every aspect of upkeep and maintenance throughout the seasons to
keep this superior landscape looking ideal.

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011