Our Process

Step 1: Consult

Our landscape design and build process begins usually with an email or great phone conversation to openly discuss general information about your wishes and concerns. To begin a relationship we feel that both parties should be very comfortable with each other and we like to take the time to get to know and trust one another. An individual landscape designer, architect or team will discuss your project with you in order to determine the best coarse of action to take to achieve all of your goals. The main goal always is to take your dreams and make them a reality.

Step 2: Design

If a formal landscape design is required, the landscape design agreement would be the first step in our process. Our landscape design agreement is a binding agreement that provides our clients with an estimate of design hours and fees to be expected throughout the design process for your project. At the time of signing this agreement we would require a minimum deposit of half of the total amount for design fees.

We will then perform the following services: Site Analysis, plant material inventory, basic mapping and elevation measurements, exposures and all the general information required to furnish a creative and highly professional blueprint for landscape success. Once our design team compiles this data we will then begin a site or project concept that we will review with you prior to the final drawing is completed. If the concept is good to go we will proceed on the master landscape planning in which one revision may or may not be included within the design agreement. Upon completion of the plans we will develop a budget and proposal amount based upon line item form for GreenSource to install the project as designed.

The proposal will specify all material selections and list all included work and job scope. Construction details and shop drawings shall be prepared on an as-needed basis. In the event that your project requires city or municipality approval by the ARB or Architectural review board, GreenSource will represent you at these meetings to
answer questions and address concerns by the building/ planning and zoning departments. After all our main goal is to ease the burden off of you, the client and take the necessary steps to implement your new landscape.

Step 3: Installation Proposal and contract

Once the design work is completed and both parties have a great understanding of what will be installed, we will develop a proposal and formal contract for the work and job scope to be completed. The contract is a binding agreement between the “contractor,” GreenSource and the “owner,” you as the client. Job scope, warranty, terms, etc.

Step 4: Installation of Your Project

Once a signed proposal/contract is submitted with full deposit, GreenSource will begin the material selection, ordering, purchasing and setup time schedules for implementing your new landscape. As always we will notify a utilities protection service to locate all underground utilities prior to any excavation is begun. Each project will be assigned a project manager and a pre-construction meeting will be held to discuss logistics, site conditions and overall information and concerns for the future project. During the project we will conduct construction phase walk throughs with you to keep things moving smoothly and ensure that there is no surprises. At completion of your project we will walk you through the entire project to address any questions and concerns.

Step 5: Maintenance of your Project

To ensure that your new landscape investment continues to grow and develop properly, the GreenSource maintenance team will treat your property as if it were their own. Lawn cutting, weeding, pruning, cultivation,watering, fertilization, etc. All of the steps to protect a professionally designed and installed landscape during the
growing seasons. Through the winter we may offer premium snow removal services to complete the maintained landscape.