Roaming Shores, Ohio

Contracted for a full scale landscape design, build and architectural elements the GreenSource team accomplishes a truly extraordinary landscape. Our client, using this residence as a second home required a low maintenance, multiterraced usable space that family and friends could enjoy during the spring, summer and fall seasons. The design and construction would include a new boat and jet dock, large scale retaining walls, new decking and architectural elements, low voltage lighting, cascading water feature, fire pit, privacy and plantings and ample parking space.

Over a few months, the GreenSource design and engineering team spent countless hours and many miles traveling back and forth to evaluate, study and brainstorm what would be one of the most challenging projects in our history. The site posed many challenges that were factored into the overall design and concept for the project. Over an hour and a half away form our facility, severe elevation changes, limited access and installing our first boat dock were just a few of the many challenges we would face during this one of a kind project. The boat dock had to be installed during the fall due to the fact that the lake community would begin lowering the level of the lake for the season.

Our window of opportunity was small and during a difficult time of season to construct many of these elements. The drop in elevation from the street to water level was approximately 70 feet and very difficult to navigate through a small access road that we constructed prior to the build. A wide range of equipment and very careful site planning allowed us to safely install and manage all of the components that went into this project. Every aspect of this project was completed by a GreenSource employee. Our standards and practices are so unique that we could not rely on the use of subcontractors. Our team takes pride in every project that we do and this one was no exception. Please look through the following pictures and see how this story ends.

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011