LED Low voltage lighting techniques

One of the most underused concepts for a professionally designed LED low voltage lighting system is moonlighting and canopy lighting. The picture featured is a surface mounting bracket from Kichler lighting and is used for mounting spotlights on a variety of structures, materials and large trees. If you’ll notice, when properly mounted on a tree the bracket is held off of the tree a bit so that as the tree grows in diameter, the bracket will not be girdled or fused into the tree and cause damage to the tree or lighting components and wiring. You may also notice that the three screws are stainless steel so that rust will not effect the health of the tree or impact its’ growth in any way.

In almost every lighting project Greensource designs and installs we use these brackets to mount fixtures anywhere from 20 to 50′ up in the trees to cast light up or down the tree to capture a variety of lighting techniques. “Moonlighting,” or “canopy” lighting as we call it is a very unique way to enhance the natural beauty of your landscape and property. To find out more about the proper and creative techniques that Greensource uses to light property and space please give us a call anytime. Free initial consultation and proposal. (440) 357-9330.

Monday, January 21st, 2013