Every now and then the Greensource team has to accomplish some serious excavation. The only way to accomplish that is to be prepared with the right equipment, employ the most professional and suitable staff and to have nerves of steel. There was no room for error on this project as two skid steer loaders hauled material in and out of the backyard while the massive excavator handled all of the heavy digging, lifting and sculpting the land. Three machines on a small site is usually inefficient. However our plan of attack was a great one and it proved itself in a matter of minutes with the carefully coordinated ballet of construction equipment.

It is very important to have a company such as Greensource Ohio working on your next landscape development project because of our great diversity in talents, staff, equipment and thought process. There is no challenge too small or large for our team. We always over analyze, plan and account for the unthinkable. Our diversity carries throughout every aspect and operation of our company. From ATV’s with snowplows for clearing snow on walkways efficiently to large wheel loaders using snow pushers for clearing parking lots more rapidly. It all makes sense when thinking about the diversity in challenges for our industry and weather for Northeast Ohio. Thanks for reading.


Best Regards,

Greensource Ohio team

Friday, January 11th, 2013